After several opinion interchanges of founders of Mr. SHABIH AHMAD it was felt that Policy-making and Programme implementation of welfare and development, is not only, to duty of Government.

The people of the state should also, come forward with the helping hand of Government, and ensure their effective support of people. SHAFQUAT EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY SOCIETY as got registered from GOVERNMENT OF BIHAR, being requisite statutory requirement.

The founders of the NGO have got support of experts, educationist, techno-savvy and core hearted NGO and eminent research institutions and Management Consultants.

The applying NGO feels complete support with technical know-how/feasibility, financial feasibility and socio-economic feasibility aspect of project based on sustainable approach.



As per the objective cited in the memorandum of associaSHAFQUAT EDUCATIONAL  SOCIETY, and time-to-time discussion and adoption of resolution the MISSION, of the SOCIETY, is as follows >>>

  •     Total Human Development
  •    To enhance the income and net wealth of the Indian People.
  •    Intensive efforts for Nation’s Prosperity and Peace.
  •    Be a supporting hands, of under-privileged and helpless.
  • Keep nation to stand with developed country.



Unemployment has become a chronic feature of Societies everywhere. It has become very acetate. It is a serious problem demanding wise leadership to solve it. It will have, to be faced quickly and wisely if we wish to avoid a social revolution.

On the exploration of Population growth, it is felt that numbers of educated people are unemployed, in absence of a venue of work. Also, expectation from Government, for job, is irrelevant in Global station and WTO regime.

In Eighth Plan, the Government allocated fund could not be attained because of people’s co-operation. Thus, SHAFQUAT EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY SOCIETY has decided to take spearhead, initiatives, to go together with the thought of Government and ensure effective results in the field of self-skill development programmes, to utilised the under-utilised/ un-utilised manpower, for their income generation which resulted into high GDP and Prosperity.



De-roof the Social-evils, Supports the helpless and develop ability and skill for resource utility, which, will be resulted into nation’s prosperity.


  •    To Co-operate and join hands with the funding agencies for the high impact of following welfare and development programmes of Government and general lawful activities-
  •   To introduce, exercise, formulate various matrix of vocationally self-educative training schemes, being non--static in nature, require continuous innovative methodologies and update of curriculum, polices, Procedures, rules, standards etc so that the socio-economic changes, technical advancements and training needs are appropriately taken care of.
  •   Use professional capacity in Human Resource Development Programme, for the foundation of useful human resource for prosperous and united India.
  •   Step to step with planning of Government and execution of Programme in high rating and value added exposure.
  •   Use professional capacity in Human Resource Development Programme, for the foundation of useful human resource for prosperous and united India.
  •   Undertake Programmes, in integrated and in innovative way, with sustainable methodologies.  Support in the complete solutions fo
  • The child development.
  • ·           The child labour.
  • ·           The unemployment.
Human Resource Development



  • Conceptual Background Preparation on Rural Development, Health & Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS Awareness Generation among general persons and sex workers cum blood testing, Human Resource Development, Women & Child Development, agriculture & Allied Industries Promotion Disaster Management, Youth Affairs, Cultural Development, Tourism Promotion, Human Rights, Peace & Co-operation, Self Help Group (SHG) Formation & Management, Child Labour & Street Child rehabilitation etc.  Survey, Identification; analysis assessment and Database Management System installation.
  •   Preparation of PROJECT FEASIBILITY REPORT with Socio-techno and financial analysis.
  •  Planning workshop analysis.
  •  Training Programme organization.
  •  Information research and information dissemination
Pure drinking is must need for effected people.

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